Should I Vape?

Should I Vape?
The link between smoking and heart attacks was actually proven in a landmark study on doctors back in the 1950’s — those who smoked were far more likely to suffer a heart attack.

Recently many people have begun to vape using e-cigarettes to either reduce their tobacco usage or stop smoking tobacco completely whilst at the same time enjoying many of the tactile and social benefits of “vaping”.

Having spoken to many patients, it would seem that this strategy is very effective at curtailing tobacco usage.

There are many products available but the industry at present is largely unregulated and as such there is wide brand variation in the nicotine “dose” an e-cigarette provides and how each device creates a vapour.

There is also some concern as there is no long—term safety data to support their use. Despite the lack of data, Public Health England came out in favour of e-cigarettes as an effective way to curtail tobacco usage. PHI England‘s argument is that any risk to health either known or unknown due to vaping is far more likely to be lower than the risk of continued tobacco smoking.

An interesting study recently published in the Lancet has added further to the debate showing for the first time that in several brands of e-cigarette, cancer causing molecules were detectable within inhaled vapour raising the possibility of harm with long-term use.

The safety of e-cigarettes will continue to court controversy and whether they are indeed safer than tobacco in the long term is not yet known.

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