Exercise Stress Test

Monitored walking treadmill

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What is an Exercise Stress Test?

With this heart stress test, you will be connected to heart rhythm monitoring and then walk on a treadmill. Every 3 minutes the treadmill will become steeper and faster. We will assess your symptoms and monitor your heart rhythm throughout.

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Why would you need an Exercise Stress Test?

Exercise testing is used to diagnose angina caused by narrowing in the coronary (heart) arteries, assess risk in certain forms of cardiomyopathy (heart muscle abnormality) or diagnose/assess risk in certain forms of heart rhythm abnormality.

Frequently asked questions

Certainly, exercise testing is not suitable for all patients. Dr Shand understands who is best suited to this investigation and will advise accordingly. If an exercise test has been recommended in advance of your initial consultation but you feel that you will struggle, please let us know and we will make alternative arrangements.

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