Complex (PCI)

Complex percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI – stent implantation) usually refers to procedures of higher complexity or a procedure being undertaken in a patient at higher baseline risk for a complication – often both.

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What is Complex PCI?

Typically, complex PCI will involve treatment of multiple heart arteries, chronically occluded (blocked) arteries and use advanced techniques to ensure optimal long term outcomes such as calcium modification and the use of intravascular imaging to optimise the stented artery. Alternatively due to co-existent medical conditions, a decision may have been made that surgical treatment (Coronary artery bypass grafting) is too high risk and that stent treatment offers a safer and equally effective option. Dr Shand has particular expertise in these situations and has built a wealth of experience in taking patients through this process.

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Why would you need Complex PCI?

You will most likely have had an angiogram and your own Cardiologist or Dr Shand has decided based on your baseline health status, co-existing medical conditions and heart artery anatomy that complex PCI i.e. stent treatment is the best method to treat heart artery narrowing causing symptoms. Often these decisions are made in our multidisciplinary team environment to ensure that the best option is chosen for you based on consensus opinion.

Frequently asked questions

Any procedure to treat narrowed heart arteries will carry a risk of a complication but any risk is outweighed by the benefit to you – either by increasing your wellbeing (reducing symptoms) or improving your prognosis. Similarly, whilst a complex PCI procedure may carry a small additional risk which will be outlined during the informed consent process with Dr Shand, the rationale for carrying out the procedure will also be explained including the anticipated benefits.

This can be difficult to predict. In some cases, not any longer than a conventional stent procedure, in other cases 2-3 hours.

Currently, you will have an overnight stay in our ward in St Vincent’s Private hospital to monitor for any immediate complications.

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