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JS Heart Health offers risk assessment, investigation and treatment for all forms of heart disease.

How can we help?

You may be worried about your risk of developing cardiac disease or alternatively you may be concerned about symptoms you or someone close to you is experiencing? Dr Shand is here to guide you through your investigation and treatment pathway, always paying close attention to co-existing conditions and finding solutions which are right for you.

All services are provided on a fee for service basis. Full details on additional investigation and treatment costs including insurance coverage will be outlined either prior to attendance or following consultation.

Practice Manager at James Shand Heart Health Cardiology

Practice Manager

Your first contact after your GP has referred you will be Valerie Mulvagh, Practice Manager for JS Heart Health. Her approachability and extensive experience in practice management is key to ensuring you get the investigation and treatment you require, when you require it.

Registered Provider

VHI healthcare registered Cardiologist Dublin
Irish life registered cardiologist
Laya Healthcare registered provider

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