24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

Prolonged blood pressure monitoring provides a precise analysis of blood pressure profile

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What is 24 hour blood pressure?

You will wear a blood pressure cuff around your upper arm for 24 hours (including overnight). This will inflate and deflate approximately 30 times over the testing period.

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Why would you need 24 hour?

Often a single reading of your blood pressure in the clinic or GP surgery can be inaccurate. We offer 24 hour monitoring of blood pressure which provides a more realistic assessment of your blood pressure over this time period.

Frequently asked questions

Generally, the blood pressure monitor will not interfere substantially with your sleep.

Some GP practices are able to offer this investigation and if this is the case we are happy to interpret the result when a full copy of the investigation outcome is provided

We recommend that the monitor is worn for as much of the 24 hour period as possible however removing for personal care or physical activity is advisable and will prevent damage to the device.

Registered Provider

VHI healthcare registered Cardiologist Dublin
Irish life registered cardiologist
Laya Healthcare registered provider

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