Cardiac MRI

A Cardiac MRI allows us to look in detail at the structure and function of the heart.

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What happens during a Cardiac MRI scan?

A Cardiac MRI scan is a non-invasive heart screening test. You are connected to a drip, and a coil is placed on your chest. You lie down and the bed places you in a tube. A large magnet surrounds you and enables us to image your heart. The test can be quite noisy but you wear headphones through which instructions about breathing are given. In most cases the test takes around 45 minutes to complete.

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Why would you need Cardiac MRI?

Cardiac MRI scan may be recommended to look in more detail at the structure and function of the heart. For example If we have diagnosed heart failure, a cardiac MRI can be useful to define exactly what has caused this. Alternatively there may be an inherited form of cardiac disease we may be concerned about or an electrical disturbance arising from an abnormality of heart muscle function which can be diagnosed with an MRI.

Frequently asked questions

Rarely, patients can find a cardiac MRI scan distressing particularly if they have significant claustrophobia. Sometimes a little sedation can be used to allay any anxiety and facilitate the test. Our team are very experienced in putting patients at ease and preparing them for the investigation.

Once you have had the heart screening, the scan will be examined in detail and a report made, taking into account the clinical history. Usually, Dr Shand will arrange to bring you back to the clinic to discuss your result in detail and answer any queries you may have.

It important that Dr Shand and his team are made aware of any implanted medical devices (such as a spinal cord stimulator or pacemaker) as certain devices are incompatible with a cardiac MRI scanner. In addition, if there is the possibility of any foreign metal material (e.g., shrapnel, iron filling from metal working) in your body we should be made aware of this. You will be taken through a comprehensive checklist for these issues but it is always good to know in advance of any scan if these obstacles are apparent.

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