Insertion of Loop Recorder (Heart Rhythm) Monitor

Insertion of a small monitor under the skin allows recording of heart rhythm over several years

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What is a Loop Recorder?

This is a straightforward procedure. Firstly, the left side of your chest is cleaned and sterilised. A small amount of local anaesthetic is injected into the skin, a then a very small incision is made. The device which is approximately the size of a biro pen cap is then injected under your skin. The skin is then closed usually with just steri-strips and a dressing, occasionally with glue or a single stitch. Our physiologist will explain how the device works and we will give you a monitoring station to plug in at home.

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Why would you need a loop Recorder implant (Heart rhythm monitor)?

Heart rhythm abnormalities typically cause symptoms such as palpitations or transient loss of consciousness (blackout). External monitoring of your heart rhythm is possible but can be limited in the amount of time that it can be performed for and can therefore miss a potential heart rhythm abnormality if it occurs infrequently. A loop recorder implant allows us to continuously monitor your heart rhythm over a period of years rather than days.

Frequently asked questions

Rarely the device can get infected (see below). Also very rarely there can be discomfort at the implant site which persists, but often will settle if the device is removed.

Yes, this is no problem.

Yes the devices we use are MRI conditional (safe in an MRI scanner)

Usually until a diagnosis is made (or ruled out) or the battery runs out (2-3 years) whichever is the sooner. It is a simple procedure with local anaesthetic only to remove the device.

The device may be infected which very occasionally occurs. We advise you contact us for more advice. Typically, a course of antibiotics are required and the device may need to be removed and re-sited once the infection has been treated.

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