Stent Optimisation

Occasionally investigations will have determined that a previously implanted stent needs to be optimised to reduce the risk of future complications.

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What is stent optimisation?

Optimisation may require further balloon expansion of the stent or calcium modification to allow stent expansion. Usually this is performed using high-definition intravascular imaging (ultrasound or near-infrared imaging of the internal lumen of the artery) in addition to conventional angiography.

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Why would you need Stent Optimisation?

Occasionally, a previously implanted stent may need to have further optimisation to reduce the risk of further problems in the future. This may have been discovered due to the presence of new symptoms or even a myocardial infarction (heart attack).

Frequently asked questions

This can be difficult to determine. There are instances where positive remodelling (growth) of the heart artery which has been stented may lead to a problem which could not have been anticipated during the initial stent implant. Alternatively, due to the limitations of conventional coronary angiography in assessing stent deployment, and the development of more precise imaging technology, a longstanding issue may not have been apparent until the point at which it has been assessed in more detail. Dr Shand is expert in the use and interpretation of all forms of intravascular imaging which have been shown in certain situations to improve outcomes for patients undergoing stent implantation.

This can be quite variable. Because of the advanced imaging required and techniques required for optimisation this can sometimes be a more prolonged procedure – 60-90mins.

In most cases, other than the usual risks associated with stent implantation, no additional risk would be anticipated. In the rare circumstance that a procedure is considered by Dr Shand to carry higher risk, this will be explained to you during the informed consent process.

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